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Icon Analysis

For my icon analysis I will be using this photo of George Floyd who was a victim of fatal police brutality in 2020. This image as well as his likeness has been used as a figure head for the Black Lives Matter movement to represent blatant racial injustice in America. Without context, when I lookContinue reading “Icon Analysis”

Iconographic Tracking

Laurie Gries in her article “Iconographic Tracking” writes to encourage building upon existing methods for studying rhetorical circulation such as circulation studies to further our understanding of how an image develops its rhetoric and impacts the social economy. Previous methodologies “narrow and limit the [image’s] projection” (Marback, 2008, p. 64) so she proposes, “Rather than moveContinue reading “Iconographic Tracking”

Digital Rhetoric

The fairly self-evident bottom-line point here is that becoming good at anything worth becoming good at takes a lot of time. Alex Reid Writing has always been a significant part of my life as soon as I could read. I’ve always been a better writer than speaker because I think there is a novelty toContinue reading “Digital Rhetoric”

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